Kleinfeld Bridal Owners ‘Say Yes’ To Amerlux in Best Light

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Legendary Reality TV Retailer Retrofits 185 Downlights in Fitting Rooms

OAKLAND, N.J. – September 10, 2019 – Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today that more brides can be seen in the best light since the installation of its spec-grade solutions at the famous “Say Yes To The Dress” reality TV venue Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City.

Kleinfeld’s upgraded the lighting in its 19 fitting rooms, as well as the surrounding hallways and sitting area to address a challenging pain point: Future brides-to-be couldn’t see the true color of the gown they had bought during the fitting. In fact, sometimes staff had to walk their customers outside the building with the gown to reassure them they were looking as the same dress that they had purchased.

To address any inkling of “cold feet”, Kleinfeld Bridal chose Amerlux’s square Hornet HP Dim-To-Warm Downlights. The 185 downlights are equipped with Class A LED chips for exquisite color rendering and lensed optics.

“In retail, there is a direct connection between seeing and feeling,” said Amerlux President Chuck Campagna. “After 30 years of innovating, we continue to deliver a memorable experience that casts our customers in the best light.”

Amerlux’s Hornet downlights with Class A LED chips brings out the brilliant true colors in Kleinfeld’s bridal dresses in ways that the old lighting could not produce.

“When a bride comes into a fitting room, she’s trying on a dress she already ordered,” explained Jacques Vigneault, who is vice president and creative director at Kleinfeld’s. “We needed the lighting that was very accurate to the right color. We can’t be having discussions with customers about color at this point. We don’t want to have to take the dress outside in the sunlight to prove the dress is the right color.”

Controls also were installed with the Amerlux lights so Kleinfeld’s sales staff can present the wedding dress in a variety of lighting scenarios.

Clifford Starr—the NYC lighting designer at GoodMart who picked out Amerlux’s lighting solutions for the project—reduced the fixture count to deliver better quality light, more evenly than the old luminaires could.

“I wanted to elevate the fitting room to the same caliber of the dresses,” Starr said.

Vigneault is very pleased with the outcome: “Because we are in bridal, our needs are very specific. Color accuracy and sharpness are very important. The light itself is beautiful.”

To read more about the challenge, click here.

Casting More Artwork in Best Light

Kleinfeld’s masterwork bridal gowns weren’t Amerlux’s only brush with art.

Amerlux also has donated $20,000 worth of a high-end LED track lighting solution to create a lasting impression at the Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows, New York.

The unique “Never Built New York” display invited visitors to discover the alternative paths New York City might have taken based on original prints, drawings and models of architectural projects that were never realized.

To turn the exhibit into reality, however, Amerlux was asked to deliver a premium lighting solution that dramatically reduced energy consumption without sacrificing quality or performance.

To create a world-class museum experience, Gensler, one of the world’s largest architecture firms that was part of several unrealized NYC projects included in the exhibit, asked Amerlux to help.

“In celebration of this inspiring exhibit, it was important for us to work with the right quality and balance of lighting,” said Bevin Savage Yamazaki, senior associate at Gensler. “We wanted visitors to experience these never-before-seen drawings and models from a new perspective.”

Amerlux addressed the challenge by installing its new 48-watt SPEQ LED track heads, which feature a sleek, slim cylinder design with high beam control and use less than 10 percent of the energy consumed by the previous 500-watt quartz lamps. (Click here to read the full case study.)

For more information about the company’s lighting solutions, call Amerlux at 973.850.4342.

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