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At Amerlux, we bring magic to life with bold lighting solutions that illuminate your world with vibrant colors. We listen to our customers and develop award-winning solutions to your greatest lighting challenges. Our best-in-class portfolio features innovative interior and exterior products that deliver outstanding performance and beautiful aesthetics to drive business ROI. With Amerlux, you’ll always be seen in the best light.

Quick-Line’s ‘Link it-Latch it-Cap it’ Receives U.S. Patent Protection

Linear LED Saves Time, Money for Architects, Design-Build Firms, Contractors Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today it has been granted U.S. patent protection for intellectual property incorporated into its Quick-Line linear lighting that makes design and installation easy. Amerlux’s Quick-Line, which entered the marketplace in 2018, is a LED [...]

Turning Your Building into an Artistic Masterpiece with Indirect Light

Lighting was just as important an ingredient in Johannes Vermeer’s paintings as his expensive lapis lazuli (blue) pigments. By leveraging the same indirect lighting Vermeer used, you can turn your space into a masterpiece too.    For centuries, artists have prized studios with north-facing windows for painting. Dutch master Johannes Vermeer (of “Girl with a […]

Illuminating Today’s Offices: The Lighting Designer’s Checklist

Between changing work styles and research on health and ergonomics, it’s clear that today’s knowledge workers need different office lighting than in the past. Lighting has a huge impact on how we work, our productivity levels and how happy we feel at work. Given the low national employment rates and labor shortages many industries are […]

CASE STUDY: Amerlux’s Elegant Linear Lighting System Casts Financial Firm in a New Light

Nestled among the historic buildings of Boston’s Fort Point Channel neighborhood that overlooks the busy channel waters, a leading financial firm needed to revitalize its high-rise offices. The found the answer in Amerlux's linear pendant LED product—a solution that delivered perfect light and secured a utility incentive. 

How Lighting Boosts Productivity: 4 Things Designers Should Know

The best design is a marriage between form and function that pleases every stakeholder and looks beautiful at the same time. Different constituents often have goals that diverge at best or compete at worst and satisfying everyone can be harder than spotting a unicorn in the wild. But, achieving this balance does not by definition […]

2019 Trends: How Design-Build Impacts Contractors

2019 is going to be a big year for design-build contractors as the construction delivery model continues to displace traditional architectural specification models. A strong national economy and emergency rebuilding efforts from record hurricane and wildfire seasons, demand for rapid construction is booming and will only continue to do so. Collaborative construction models are growing […]

LEDs Drive Top 2019 Retail Trends

Depending who asks, this is either the best or worst time to be in retail. It’s a challenging time for traditional retailers as competition from online shopping continues to eat into profits. It’s also a great time for retail, because of the unprecedented tools and opportunities available. For the first time, retailers can know their […]

Delicious Lighting Powers Supermarket Restaurants

It’s a tough time for traditional supermarkets. Competition from small-format grocers, C-stores, meal kit providers are all increasing, while consumers are coming into stores with ever higher expectations. The supermarkets that are succeeding are evolving their business models with more and more adding in-store hospitality areas. Hospitality areas—coffee shops, restaurants, beer gardens and [...]

LEDs Armor Supermarkets from Millennials’ Disdain

Here’s a short list of things Millennials dislike: Grocery stores Survey after survey show the same findings: Millennials rate traditional supermarkets lower than all other generations. In an industry with razor-thin margins, this dissatisfaction could prove costly for grocery stores as other concepts and online competition elbow in on Millennials. Fortunately, there’s a longer list […]

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