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At Amerlux, we bring magic to life with bold lighting solutions that illuminate your world with vibrant colors. We listen to our customers and develop award-winning solutions to your greatest lighting challenges. Our best-in-class portfolio features innovative interior and exterior products that deliver outstanding performance and beautiful aesthetics to drive business ROI. With Amerlux, you’ll always be seen in the best light.

Why Regulations Are Making More States Turn to LEDs

The adoption of LED lights has surged in recent years because of an assortment of unparalleled benefits. They have a longer lifespan, use less energy, decrease energy and maintenance expenses, contain no mercury, offer better controls and comfort, and are significantly more environmentally friendly than they’re legacy counterparts, including many types of incandescent and halogen […]

Why Are More Entertainment Venues Using LEDs?

San Francisco’s gleaming new arena, the Chase Center, features an array of posh luxury suites equipped with state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures and capabilities. Over on the East Coast, Pier 17, a renowned cultural and entertainment hotspot in New York City, built a new green room space to support open-air concerts. There, LED track lights and […]

What Are 8 Common Retail Lighting Mistakes?

Research shows lighting impacts how customers perceive a store’s quality, space and character. It influences how much time they spend shopping, where they stroll, what items they look at, and how likely they’ll go from “just browsing” to buying. Most architects, designers and building owners are aware of lighting’s ability to influence. Still, many get […]

How Does Tunable White Lighting Improves Patient Outcomes in Health Care?

Picture this: You’re sick at the doctor’s office, in dire need of something to make you feel better—fast. But instead of giving you a prescription for medicine at the pharmacy, the doctor prescribes light. Yes, light. Increasing a patient’s exposure to light is fast becoming an effective, go-to therapy tool thanks to record advancements in […]

How Does Tunable White Lighting Combat Jet Lag?

Lighting has always been critical for hotels and other hospitality settings. For example, it’s instrumental in showcasing unique artwork and architecture. It also can make a cold, dingy room look warm, cozy and inviting. But the importance of lighting for hospitality is starting to extend far beyond ambience and visual aesthetics. It’s now a major […]

How Tunable White Lighting Keeps Nurses Healthy

Nurses work around the clock. However, the night shift does present several challenges for nurses beyond adjusting their sleep schedule, personal lives and consumption of caffeinated beverages. In fact, studies show that people who work when the sun goes down tend to have higher risks of cancer. While the link between cancer and working when […]

What’s the difference between full gamut LEDs, standard LEDs?

When it comes to setting a stage, few technologies make facilities and products shine like energy-efficient, high-performing LED lights and controls. This easily-to-customize, low-maintenance technology is helping retail, hospitality, office and commercial spaces of all sizes hit on various types of lighting, in turn drawing more occupants and increasing value and sales opportunities. In [...]

How Does Lighting Fit with WELL Building Standard?

Americans spend a lot of time indoors. How much? About 90 percent, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. This lack of sunlight can contribute to disrupted sleep patterns and vitamin D deficiencies, among other health complications. Buildings also require vast resources and a lot of energy to construct and operate, hurting the environment. Fortunately, innovative […]

Amerlux Presents: How Lighting Boosts Productivity

Free Webinar Approved for AIA CES Credits Set for 2/25 OAKLAND, N.J. – Feb. 24, 2020 – Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today that it will present a forward-thinking webinar about how light can improve employee productivity in the workplace. Amerlux’s free webinar series, “eLumenNation,” goes live tomorrow (2/25) at noon EDT with […]

Amerlux’s New Website Delivers Functionality Light Years Ahead

Online Tool Helps Architects, Designers Save Angst OAKLAND, N.J. – Feb. 11, 2020 – Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today that it has launched an innovative website that will make project design light-years faster for architects and lighting designers. Amerlux has turned its new website into an invaluable tool that will save time, […]

Amerlux’s People-First Solution Moves Closer To Changing Workplace

Specs, Demos Available Today For Nearly Glare-Free AERUS OAKLAND, N.J. – Feb. 4, 2020 – Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today that it will ship in the first half of 2020 an innovative lighting solution that caters to the needs of people inside the buildings. Amerlux’s new AERUS lighting solution—which delivers a unique […]

Amerlux’s Speedy Delivery Helps Pier 17 Kick Off Season in NYC

5-Day Turnaround Supports On-Time Performances OAKLAND, N.J. – Dec. 18, 2019 – Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today that the show must go on, despite 11th-hour changes and logistical challenges at a stunning concert venue in downtown New York City. While the first act at the new Pier 17 grew closer, a mid-construction […]

Amerlux Expands Linea Line With Adjustable Accents

New Solutions Also Add Flush Mounts for Design Flexibility OAKLAND, N.J. – December 17, 2019 –Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today the expansion of its linear lighting family with new solutions that will deliver more options for architects and lighting designers. Streamlined and flexible, the Linea LED pendants provide the freedom to create […]

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