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At Amerlux, we bring magic to life with bold lighting solutions that illuminate your world with vibrant colors. We listen to our customers and develop award-winning solutions to your greatest lighting challenges. Our best-in-class portfolio features innovative interior and exterior products that deliver outstanding performance and beautiful aesthetics to drive business ROI. With Amerlux, you’ll always be seen in the best light.

8 Amazing Ways This Linear Lighting Duo Can Save Your Commercial Project

Few setbacks can disrupt the flow of a project like lengthy delays and added costs. Both, regrettably, are frequent side-effects of customized lighting solutions. Made-to-measure solutions predictably take longer to manufacture than standard products because each component must be made to an exact specification to accommodate the project adequately. This keeps architects and lighting [...]

How Amerlux Made the Timeless Old Forester Distillery Experience More Colorful

During the economic boom following the Civil War, a block-long stretch of cast iron-framed buildings on Louisville’s Main Street—famously known as Whiskey Row—became the hub of Bourbon Country and big business in Kentucky. A block from the Ohio River, the West Main Street Historic District was originally the city’s business thoroughfare and once home to […]

A New Light: How to Use LEDs to Better Protect Your Workforce

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in International Facility Management Association’s FMJ magazine. See the original story here. Lighting has always been among the most prominent features in a dynamic work environment. Studies show that certain types of lighting can fundamentally impact employees’ mental and physical health. But thwarting surface bacteria, viruses and [...]

Employees Come First: How New Antimicrobial LED Technology Reopens Offices Under the Right Light

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in Electrical Line Magazine. See the original story here. What’s the best way for companies to reopen their offices and protect their most valuable resources—their staff? Today, corporate leadership and boardrooms are in dire search of the answers to that very question as their employees’ comfort level and their company’s […]

How Indirect Linear Lighting Cast a New Boston Tea Shop Under Its Best Light

When Carlos Alonso-Niemeyer, principal at Reflex Lighting in Boston, opened an email sent earlier that day, he could not help but smile and forward the memo to friends and colleagues. The email was from Myoungkeun Kim, director at Fish Lab Design, a city architectural design-build firm specializing in residential, commercial and institutional projects. And the […]

How LED Lighting is Driving a Revolution: Connected Buildings

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in Power Systems Design magazine. See the original post here. The “lighting revolution” is old news now. Building automation is the new bedrock-shifting event unfolding within the building world now, and it too is being spurred by advancements in LED technology and controls. The premise that lighting should be independent of other […]

Amerlux Launches Groundbreaking UV-Free, White Antimicrobial Lighting Solutions

Peace-of-Mind ActiveClean™ Kills Viruses, Bacteria on Surfaces OAKLAND, N.J. – May 26, 2021 – Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, launched today an innovative, UV-free lighting solution that kills viruses, bacteria and other microbes on surfaces while providing crisp, white, comfortable illumination and meeting international standards for continual and [...]

6 Different Environments Where Clean LED Technology Saved The Day

When a large corporate office installed a groundbreaking, germ-zapping LED technology called antimicrobial lighting inside their always-busy breakroom, researchers, of course, anticipated seeing some reductions in surface contamination. But they were astonished when they saw a 92.4% reduction on five of the room’s most germ-infested surfaces—toaster, refrigerator, sink, water cooler and trash [...]

How Antimicrobial Lighting Technology Helps Create a Cleaner Hotel Environment

Your hotel is your guests’ home away from home, their remote oasis—as long as it is perceived as being clean and sanitized. Even before Covid-19 upended the hospitality industry, research shows that hotel guests are willing to pay more per stay for a clean hotel environment. About 86% of surveyed consumers say sanitation and cleanliness are the top things […]

The One Amazing Thing Antimicrobial Lighting Can Do That UV Can’t

In California, the historic Beverly Hilton Hotel found itself in the national spotlight once more, courtesy of new cleaning personnel they hired on the spot: a three-foot-tall robot named Kennedy. His job? Shine UV light in spaces cleaned by human colleagues and ensure a new defense line against lurking, invisible infectious threats. The Greater Boston Food Bank […]

10 Interior and Exterior Projects Perfected by Lighting

Light is more than just something you see. With the right strategy and proper set of fixtures and controls, it tells a story, a timeline, a series of what-ifs. It’s the centerpiece of the perfect wedding day, gives a village character, reduces light pollution, and makes the office, an overnight hotel stay and a layover […]

Get Well Soon: Why Healthcare Systems Feel Better with Antimicrobial Lighting

When Samaritan Hospital, part of St. Peter’s Health Partners in Troy, NY, tested antimicrobial lighting effectiveness at reducing surface contamination in an active trauma room in its emergency department, they reported an exponential decrease. So, too, did Bayfront Health St. Petersburgh, a hospital in Florida. Researchers there reported that a similar set of LED disinfecting lights [...]

Amerlux’s Plenum Downlights Make Being Shallow Look Good

Compact Solace Downlights Offer Flexibility for Inflexible Spaces OAKLAND, N.J. – February 18, 2021 – Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today that it has released a new set of architectural-grade, ultra-shallow downlights that solves a design and installation pain point: super-tight plenum space. Solace is an extremely shallow, spec-grade plenum [...]

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