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Custom architectural lighting can elevate a space’s aesthetics and make a big impact on an overall design. When on a project, the more options you have available the more design freedom you can exercise. Each option you have is another tool in the toolbox.

To that end, Amerlux has spent the last three decades listening to architects and innovating products around common problems architects face. The result is more options to work with than ever.

One neat option is the freedom of having to use only the ceiling for your lighting. With LED technology, your lights can go anywhere. Take Grüv, a family of interior recessed linear lighting that boasts apertures of one-and-a-half to six inches.

Grüv climbs walls and crosses ceilings and goes wherever your design requires. You can create recessed patterns in walls and transition smoothly to open ceilings, where it pairs with Linea, a linear pendent fixture whose apertures match Grüv’s exactly.

Grüv is available in made-to-measure and standard lengths, depending on your needs. A NYC financial firm’s offices used more than 200 four-foot lengths of Grüv to revitalize their offices and create a luxury condo feel for the space.

Made-to-measure lighting solutions are the gold standard, but they require an immense amount of effort for all parties and they tend to take several weeks to go from a drawing on your desk to an actual product installed somewhere. All the while, you’re unable to move on to new projects while you iron out the inevitable wrinkles that come from made-to-measure (e.g. when it’s perfect on paper, but the physical realities of the jobsite don’t match the drawing).

The fix is products that can give a made-to-measure appearance without the headaches custom solutions bring.

With Grüv, there’s the Standard Plus bracket, a field-customizable bracket that makes the fixture look like it’s wall-to-wall, even though it’s a little bit shorter. This saves the additional time and costs of new drawings, construction delays and custom ceiling work.

On top of that, your clients will enjoy the extra savings, as standard lengths of Grüv with Standard Plus typically cost 15 percent less and can be delivered in 10 days (instead of the four to six weeks made-to-measure Grüv requires).

Another option available to increase your design freedom is the Linea family of pendent lighting. Featuring apertures that match Grüv’s one-and-a-half- to six-inch range, Linea delivers lights directly, indirectly and an indirect/direct combo.

Linea comes in made-to-measure and in a standard-sized version called Quick-Line that can be delivered in 72 hours to keep your projects on schedule.

Standard-sized lengths of recessed and linear pendent lighting simplifies your design work, making your job easier.

Amerlux linear lighting solutions are fully compatible all current control systems, giving your clients complete control over their lighting and access to detailed analytics that can guide decision-making.

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