DLC Adds Amerlux’s Quick-Line to Qualified Product List

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Decision May Shorten Payback Period by 25 Percent

Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today the return on investment for its linear Quick-Line product has materially improved, following the decision of the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) to include the product on its coveted qualified product list.

Nearly 80 percent of rebates and financial incentives require an LED fixture to be included on the approved DLC list. Rebates typically increase an LED product’s ROI by reducing the payback period up to 25 percent.

“In addition to making installation easier for contractors and architects, Quick-Line is now making life easier for CFOs and end-users,” said Amerlux CEO and President Chuck Campagna. “The DLC’s major decision to include our product on its selective list means more rebates, incentives and a faster ROI for our customers.”

Amerlux’s production and engineering teams created Quick-Line after receiving feedback from architects, contractors and design-build firms. The linear lighting product essentially eliminates availability and installation headaches for contractors, as well as designers and end users.

Quick-Line is an LED architectural-grade pendant fixture that delivers on the promise of speed, low cost and high quality. Sold in middle-of-run segments, Quick-Line is stocked on the shelf in standard lengths, standard color temperatures and standard lumens per watt, which allows the product to ship in as little as 72 hours.

Delivers Value to Architects, Contractors, Design-Build Firms

Amerlux’s linear lighting solution solves problems for many customers, despite their individual role with LEDs.

Quick-Line is an architecturally styled linear pendant, for example, with the performance of a specification-grade luminaire, which is important to architects. The product offers a 1.5″ aperture, performance lens and an end cap light block shield to prevent light leakage, which occurs when the lens shrinks and creates a gap between the end cap and lens. Quick-Line is priced and stocked to ship similar to a white goods linear product, but with the performance and style of a specification-grade luminaire.

The product ships in 72 hours and it installs right out of the box, which is a huge boon for contractors. Providing an almost tool-less installation, contractors never have to remove the lens or LED board to wire or hang the product. Pre-wired with quick connectors between the units, as well as the power feed kits, Quick-Line’s run alignment pins and pre-installed brackets make it the quickest linear product to install, allowing contractors to quickly move on to their next job.

For design-build firms, Quick-Line provides performance and lighting control that help elevate their designs. Design-build firms can create a layout design on Day 1, send a supply design to a contractor on Day 2 and have the product on site on Day 5. In addition, Quick-Line offers direct and direct/indirect lighting distributions that bring comfort and style to any space.

Boasts Standard Spec-Grade Materials

Constructed from extruded aluminum instead of steel, Quick-Line assures architecturally straight lines of light.  It’s very common for long linear fixtures made of steel to bend where run sections join because the pins holding them in place can’t bear the weight of the overall fixture, which ultimately causes crooked runs with light leaks that create headaches for installers and architects.

Quick-Line offers a high light output of 730 lumens per foot and 105 lumens per watt. It comes in 3000K to 3500K light with an 82 CRI. It features a 1.5″ aperture, as well as direct and direct/indirect combo light distribution options.

Provides More ROI for Bottomline

 Quick-Line delivers outstanding light quality for more than 50,000 hours without depreciation, compared to a few thousand hours for energy-inefficient fluorescent lights. With such a long operating lifespan, maintenance costs for Quick-Line are minimal. In addition, the LEDs are extremely efficient and provide huge energy savings during their useful life.

Here are the Quick-Line models that are now DLC-qualified:

  • 5DI.L.30.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-4
  • 5DI.H.30.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-4
  • 5DI.L.30.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-6
  • 5DI.H.30.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-6
  • 5DI.L.30.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-8
  • 5DI.H.30.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-8
  • 5DI.L.35.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-4
  • 5DI.H.35.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-4
  • 5DI.L.35.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-6
  • 5DI.H.35.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-6
  • 5DI.L.35.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-8
  • 5DI.H.35.PL-BAT.120/277.xx.0-10V-8

For more information about the company, call Amerlux at 973.850.4342.


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