Amerlux’s New Track Light System Creates Countless Options

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Slots and Dots Delivers on Dream for Architects, Lighting Designers

Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today that its new track light system connects all the dots for architects and lighting designers: color, comfort, controls and configurability.

Amerlux’s Slots and Dots is an easily configurable track light system that creates visual ambience for hospitality and retail environments. Later this month, Amerlux will provide special  demonstrations of the track light system along with the rest of its new lineup of lighting solutions at LightFair 2019 (Booth #5837) in Philadelphia. The special demonstrations will be held during the conference across the street at Le Meridien Philadelphia, located at 1421 Arch Street.

“Options are one of the secrets to life—just ask any architect or lighting designer,” said Amerlux CEO and President Chuck Campagna, whose company was recently invited to join AD’s $41 billion network as one of the best-in-class suppliers in North America. “Slots and Dots’ one-inch track makes interchangeable light sources as easy as a snap.”

Amerlux’s Slots and Dots offers clean, compact styling, which ensures it looks good in any environment. The one-inch-wide track features magnetic attachments, so light sources can be easily snapped in and out as needed. With this track system, it’s a cinch to change the lighting in a room between events.

Available light attachments include accent track heads, a pendant accent and four different linear options, with lensed sources for ambient light and high-performance optics for direct light. The track comes in 12-foot, 4-foot and 2-foot lengths, which join together for clean lines of light or a variety of whimsical compositions.

More Special Demonstrations at LightFair 2019

Amerlux is planning several special demonstrations during LightFair 2019.

Besides Slots and Dots, the company’s Rook 3.5″ Square Pendant, which will be showcased during the event, is a versatile solution for open ceilings as a surface-mount pendant or a pendant with a remote driver.

The square pendant offers several valuable features:

  • The striking Rook 3.5″ Square Pendant is warm and welcoming, yet square and modern. Ideal for retail and commercial ambient/task lighting, the fixture offers a range of color temperatures (i.e. 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K). It also delivers 83 CRI and 90+ CRI with full gamut LED chips available.
  • The Rook 3.5″ Square Pendant is offered in 11W, 14W, 16W, 18W and 21W options. The lumen output includes 1,305 lm and 1,732 lm, while CBCP spans from 4,763 to 12,503.
  • Beam spread options include spot (15 degrees), narrow flood (22 degrees), medium flood (25 degrees), flood (28 degrees), wide flood (45 degrees), very wide flood (60 degrees) and linear spread (60 degrees x 10 degrees) for the fixture’s SD version. In addition, a Satin Ice Lens, which provides maximum source concealment and wide distribution with a visually “hotter” aperture (75 degree spread), is available; a Solite Lens offers maximum efficacy and a visually quieter aperture with 30-degree, 50-degree and 65- degree beam spread options.
  • Dimming options include TRIAC, ELV (120V/277V) and Lutron Hi-lume H Series/Eco System (120V/277V).

For more information about the company’s Slots and Dots, call Amerlux at 973.850.4342.

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