Amerlux to Unveil New PoE-Ready Solutions

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Next-Gen Technology Cuts Costs on Controls, Labor

Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today it is offering the first generation of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lighting solutions that will fundamentally change the way the industry thinks about configuration and controls.

With this new technology, power will run through the same Category 5 enhanced cabling (CAT5e) as data, turning lighting into an IT matter.

Amerlux will showcase several PoE-ready products at LightFair 2022 (Booth #1727). Demonstrations will be held during the conference across the street at Le Meridien Philadelphia, located at 1421 Arch Street.

“PoE creates a lighting network that connects power to computer to switchbox to module to fixture,” said Amerlux CEO and President Chuck Campagna. “The upfront investment will be funded through realized savings in controls and labor. As a company built on innovation, Amerlux will continue to listen and exceed the needs of the marketplace.”

To date, Amerlux offers several PoE-ready lighting solutions, which will be on display at LightFair 2022:

New-Look Square Rook Wows

The striking Rook 3.5″ Square Pendant is warm and welcoming, yet square and modern. Ideal for retail and commercial ambient/task lighting, the fixture offers a range of color temperatures (i.e. 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K). It also delivers 83 CRI and 90+ CRI with full gamut LED chips available.

The Rook 3.5″ Square Pendant is offered in 11W, 14W, 16W, 18W and 21W options. The lumen output includes 1,305 lm and 1,732 lm, while CBCP spans from 4,763 to 12,503.

Beam spread options include spot (15 degrees), narrow flood (22 degrees), medium flood (25 degrees), flood (28 degrees), wide flood (45 degrees), very wide flood (60 degrees) and linear spread (60 degrees x 10 degrees) for the fixture’s SD version. In addition, a Satin Ice Lens, which provides maximum source concealment and wide distribution with a visually “hotter” aperture (75 degree spread), is available; a Solite Lens offers maximum efficacy and a visually quieter aperture with 30-degree, 50-degree and 65-degree beam spread options.

Dimming options include TRIAC, ELV (120V/277V) and Lutron Hi-lume H Series/Eco System (120V/277V).

Amerlux Turns Ceilings into Canvas with Etch

Co-developed with world-renowned architecture firm Gensler Associates, the new Etch ceiling panels present a clean aesthetic with evenly lit, premium LEDs, bathing open spaces with smooth, ambient light. The new lighting solutions delivers a sense of architectural style to an area, unlike traditional drop-ins that have the look and feel of commodity-grade products.

Standard, unadorned 2’x2′ Etch panels deliver a sky light. Each 2’x2′ regressed flat panel is offered in 23W, 31W or 39W with lumen outputs up to 4,350. Etch is also available with an opaque beam element located off-center within the fixture, which creates bold patterns that transverse the entire ceiling. In addition, the beam element delivers accent or task lighting with the back panel fully lit or dimmed.

The custom-design, back-lit ambient panel is available in two color temperatures (3000K and 3500K), providing outstanding color quality (83 CRI).

Etch’s standard integral electronic constant current 120V-to-277V driver offers zero-to-10V dimming capabilities.  Like most Amerlux products, it can pair with any controls, including the Luton Hi-Lume and DALI dimming controls.

Hornet HP Downlights offer Dim-to-Warm Comfort

Hornet HP downlights are a family of 3.5″ aperture LED lights that provide beautiful and quiet lighting for a variety of applications, including retail and commercial spaces, hotels and apartment towers. With the Dim-To-Warm feature, the lights shift to lower kelvin temperatures (333K to 1800K) as you dim the lights, emulating the familiar effect in incandescent light bulbs. Dimming options include TRIAC, ELV, Lutron and DALI.

Trims available include Downlight, Adjustable Accent, Pinhole and Lensed Shower trims, giving designers the ability to complete any design scheme.

Beam distribution options include very narrow flood (VNF), medium flood (MFL), flood (FL) and wide flood (WF).

Hornet HP downlights offer a 20 ga. galvanized steel frame, die-cast optical housing, trim and heatsink. It delivers outstanding color quality (95+ CRI), making it ideal for retail and other applications where color is essential.

For more information about the company, call Amerlux at 973.850.4342.

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