Amerlux to Light the Way Into Building Automation at LightFair 2022

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Exhibited Fixtures, Technologies Do What Others Cannot: Harmonize Every Building System with One Company

OAKLAND, N.J. – Amerlux announced today that it will exhibit several new products and technologies at LightFair 2022 that will enable architects and lighting designers to do something they’ve never done before: leave their design mark on every building system with one call.

The award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company will showcase nearly a dozen-and-a-half innovative solutions at Booth #1727 from June 19-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Each solution will display how Amerlux continues to master the power of performance-grade architectural lighting while integrating with parent company Delta Electronics to harmonize every building system of a space, floor or building on the same network.

That includes lighting, HVAC, blind control, security, monitoring, energy efficiency and data analytics—all designed and serviced by one company, says Bill Plageman, Amerlux’s VP of marketing.

“Incredible things happen naturally in the right environment—our environments, beautifully lit by Amerlux, well connected by our Delta Electronics family of companies,” Plageman says. “Think about where the world is today: Everything is connected. An IoT-enabled lighting system embedded in ceilings can now provide more services than stunning illumination. It can bring disparate building systems together to automate greater comfort and personalized experiences, plus improved energy efficiency and workplace productivity, inside and outside a space.”

Plageman adds: “Amerlux is excited to serve as a vehicle for the future of building automation by continuing to add warmth and brilliance to a connected world under the leadership of Delta Electronics.”

Preview Special Demonstrations at LightFair 2022

The list of interconnected fixtures and automated technologies that will be exhibited include:

  • The O3 Sensor, which wirelessly detects motion, sound, light and temperature with pinpoint accuracy—right down to the surface of a table. Using machine learning to provide fast, accurate feedback of a monitored space, the IoT-enabled O3 Sensor is easy to install, declutters walls of switches and thermostats and can be configured right out of the box with just a smartphone.
  • MESA trough housing units, which are individually tailored to integrate mechanical, electrical, security, video and audio components. Easily serviced from below the ceiling, MESA provides streamlined management system capabilities to connect and automate a building.
  • Bluetooth controllability, which turn humble lighting fixtures into the foundation of a smart building. Bluetooth Mesh enables designers to control every lighting fixture in a space individually from the palm of their hand, as well as many other building systems.
  • ActiveCLEAN, an award-winning, 405-nanometer antimicrobial lighting solution delivers nonstop, holistic surface disinfection under the most beautiful, glare-free illumination. The non-UV commercial-grade lighting line meets the international standard for continuous, unlimited use with people present.
  • Solace, a spec-grade shallow plenum downlight that gorgeously solves an ugly pain point: super-tight plenum space. With an extremely low 2¼ inches recessed depth (downlight and wall wash) and a recessed adjustable with a depth of just under 3¾ inches, Solace flawlessly pairs stunning aesthetics and relaxed lighting into any space with minimal plenum. Various control options are available, including Bluetooth and tunable white color.
  • SPEQ track & surface mount fixtures, which have an integral driver and no visible heat sink or venting. A perfectly matched snoot provides excellent glare control while maintaining clean lines and a perfectly illuminated space. Individual accents can be controlled on a single circuit track with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Slots and Dots, a 48V track light system that connects all the dots for architects and lighting designers: color, comfort and configurability with two-way, wireless digital control from sister company LOYTEC. The one-inch-wide track comes in standard lengths, which join for clean lines of light or a set of whimsical combinations. The fixture’s magnetic attachments allow light sources to be easily snapped in and out.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE), which instantly turns lighting into an IT matter by running power and control through the same Category 5 cabling that data uses. Designers and architects can create a lighting network that connects power to computer to switchbox to module to fixture.
  • Etch ceiling panels co-developed with world-renowned architecture firm Gensler Associates. Standard, unadorned 2’x2′ Etch panels deliver a soothing skylight effect, while the decorative option features an off-center opaque beam element to draw bold patterns across the ceiling. The network video capabilities of Amerlux’s sister company, VIVOTEK, can be implemented for a complete digital surveillance and lighting package.

For more information about the company’s plans at LightFair 2022, call Amerlux at 973.850.4342 or visit


About Amerlux

Amerlux, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Electronics, creates bold lighting solutions that add warmth and brilliance to the world. The design-and-manufacture company builds long-term relationships with architects, facility managers and lighting designers by taking every complex problem personally. Its award-winning portfolio includes innovative interior and exterior lighting products that deliver striking aesthetics and rich performance through advanced engineering. For more information, please visit or call 973.850.4342.

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