Why Retailers Are Shifting to LED Lighting

 In Supermarket

More and more, supermarkets are upgrading their lighting to modern LEDs. Known for their energy savings, LEDs also deliver unprecedented control and color quality, which makes merchandise look more appealing. Bill Plageman, Amerlux’s vice president of marketing and product management, recently shared some tips with Winsight Grocery Business about how supermarkets can boosts profits in perimeter departments with LEDs:

“Maximizing the profitability of specialty perimeter departments, such as meat and seafood, produce and new-concept, in-store restaurants all require different lighting than the dry-good aisles,” he says. “The bakery needs warm-toned lights (like the light of the setting sun) to emphasize the just-out-of-the-oven look of the bread, while meat does better under cool lights that emphasize the red color of the steak while keeping the marbling a crisp white.”

Read more of Plageman’s advice and the rest of the article at Winsight Grocery Business.


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