Quick-Line: Linear Pendant Lighting Reinvented

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High Quality. Low Cost. Quick Delivery.

In the past, you had to choose two out of the three. So, with every project, you had to balance time, speed and quality when you selected building materials. High-quality items are nice, but not if they come with high costs and/or long delivery times.

Now, there’s a new option: getting high quality, quick delivery and value pricing in a single linear lighting product. Enter, Quick-Line Linea 1.5″ by Amerlux.

Here’s how Quick-Line makes your life easier if you’re an architect, design-build firm, or contractor:


  • Spec-grade performance
  • Value pricing
  • 5″ aperture
  • Performance lens and patent pending light block shields
  • No long lead times (delivery in 72 hours)
  • All middle-of-run lengths – no job site issues with beginning-of-run and end-of-run lengths

Design-Build Firms

  • Delivery to job site in just 72 hours
  • Keep projects on schedule
  • Elevate offerings with spec-grade performance
  • Value pricing


  • Ships in 72 hours
  • Installs right out of the box
  • Almost tool-less installation
  • Never need to remove the lens or LED board to wire or hang
  • Comes pre-wired with quick-connectors between sections

The Easiest Installation Ever

Link it, latch it, cap it, and voila! Installing linear lighting has never been this easy.

Sold in standard-sized middle-of-run segments, Quick-Line pieces connect with simple latches, and alignment pins assure the runs stay straight. When you finish the run, the final step is to slap end caps on either side.

Quick-Line fixtures ship with the lenses and LED boards installed, so there’s no need for jobsite assembly. In fact, you never have to open up Quick-Line fixtures for any part of installation.

Quick-Line has the easiest installation process of any linear lighting product on the market and that’s on purpose: you have a lot of work and the sooner you finish a project, the sooner you can start the next. You shouldn’t have to spend any more time on a jobsite than necessary.

With Quick-Line’s simple “link it, latch it, cap it” installation, lighting is something you can quickly cross off your checklist and move on.

Pre-Wired Fixtures

Just as you never need to remove the LED board or lens to install, all sections are shipped pre-wired with your choice to control direct and indirect lighting separately, as well as emergency lighting circuits.

Each section in a run can accept power from the top or from the other sections in the run, granting great flexibility in designing and installing linear runs. With the internal wiring and LED elements pre-installed, you never need to open up the fixture during installation.

Delivery in Only 72 Hours

Lighting deliveries taking several weeks—or months for custom designs—are common and such long shipping times can wreak havoc on carefully planned construction timelines.

Quick-Line can ship in just 72 hours after receipt of a clean PO to quickly advance a new construction or retrofit project.

It’s essential that building materials are ready for installation right away. Construction timelines are complicated, and any number of things can hold up projects, from permitting to weather to late deliveries.

There’s not much you can do about the first two, but the second is avoidable with Quick-Line.
Quick-Line is packed and stocked as individual fixtures, but job packaging (bulk, job-specific packaging) is also available for less jobsite waste. (Job packaging may require slightly longer shipping times).

Spec-Grade Materials

Quick-Line is an architectural spec-grade line fixture offered with the value and benefit of commodity-grade styled luminaires.

Constructed from extruded aluminum instead of steel, Quick-Line assures architecturally straight lines of light. It’s very common for long linear fixtures made of steel to bend where run sections join because the pins holding them in place can’t hold the weight of the overall fixture. This requires contractors to go back and fix them before they complete a project.

Using a linear fixture like Quick-Line that doesn’t bend, eliminates an item from your punch list so you can finish the job faster.

Competitive Price Points

Quick-Line is only offered in standard sizes instead of custom options, which dramatically reduces manufacturing costs. The savings are passed on to you. This linear lighting solution has the same high level of engineering baked into its design as all Amerlux’s other products do. There’s no need to sacrifice quality for cost with Quick-Line.

Simple Order Process Ordering Quick-Line for your projects couldn’t be easier: count how many middle-of-run pieces you need, get end caps and choose the power supply and suspension kit options. The products you choose will ship in just 72 hours after you complete your order.

There are no custom sizing or made-to-measure headaches to deal with. You don’t even need to keep track of start-of-run, middle-of-run and end-of-run pieces. All Quick-Line segments are middle-of-run pieces and you just need to put end caps on each side of the run.

Standard Sizing

There are no made-to-measure headaches with Quick-Line. It’s only sold as linkable middle-of-run pieces with separate end caps in standard lengths of 4-feet, 6-feet and 8-feet, simplifying your design and installation process.

For example, when other lighting products finally arrive at a jobsite, you must sort through the various items delivered and determine the proper location for each run length. It’s so easy for the wrong pieces to end up in the wrong room or floor, causing delays during installation. With Quick-line, all the pieces are the same, so there’s no confusion.

Rapid ROI

The LEDs in Quick-Line deliver outstanding light quality for more than 50,000 hours without depreciation, versus just a few thousand hours for ugly florescent lights. With such a long operating lifespan, maintenance costs for Quick-Line are minimal. Additionally, Quick-Line LEDs are extremely efficient and provide huge energy savings over their life, something your customers will appreciate for years to come.

Ready to make linear lighting the easiest part of your building projects? Quick-Line is one of the finest lighting products ever made with its excellent light quality, long operating life and exceptionally easy installation process—now it’s available at a competitive price for design-build contractors.

To learn more about Quick-Line or begin ordering it today, call (973) 310-7787 or find your local sales rep at Amerlux.com.

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