Fewer Made-To-Measure Problems: Why Architects Choose Amerlux

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When it is done well, made-to-measure is the ideal for commercial building tenants—they get exactly what they want and it looks and feels perfect.

Making that perfect experience tends to come with a lot of headaches for architects though. When things are made to measure for a project, delays are inevitable and costs can quickly spiral out of control due to on-site issues of fit.

However, when it comes to lighting, architects do not need to downgrade to commodity-level lighting products to keep costs in line and construction timelines on track. There is a better option: The Grüv family of recessed LED lighting by Amerlux.

Extremely flexible in application, Grüv can climb walls and cross ceilings, but the real magic is in its ability to offer made-to-measure aesthetics with off-the-shelf convenience. Starting with a 1.5 inch aperture and going up in size to 2.5 inches, 4 inches and 6 inches, the Grüv family of recessed LED lighting comes in standard lengths of 4 feet, 8 feet, and 12 feet. These can be joined together for longer runs. Additionally, when paired with the Standard Plus bracket, Grüv makes made-to-measure ridiculously easy.

Amerlux Innovation Remedies Made-to-Measure Headaches

Custom lighting products take a lot of time—time for the architect to measure and spec out and time for the lighting manufacturer to prepare. Long lead times are the enemy of carefully developed construction timelines.

While it is common for fulfillment of made-to-measure product orders to take four to six weeks (that is, from the final order and not counting time to draw up the specifications), standard products can be manufactured very quickly. Amerlux guarantees deliveries of Grüv standard lengths in 10 days or less.

Besides being significantly faster to ship, standard length Grüv LED lights help architects avoid construction delays and the made-to-measure inconveniences.

For example, using standard lengths joined together with brackets is a simpler solution than ordering custom lengths. It is also less expensive for both the customer and the manufacturer.

If the standard-length runs do not perfectly reach the walls, a lower price point alternative to custom lighting is using brackets that extend from the end of the light fixture to wall. These brackets expertly mask the fact that the lights are too short and solve the problem easily. It is a made-to-measure appearance without the headache.

Grüv’s flexibility extends beyond standard sizes. It has a full range of dimming capabilities and it is compatible with any controls on the market, allowing the users great freedom in how they use their LEDs. Furthermore, Grüv’s aperture sizes are identical to the Linea pendent LED lighting family, so they can be seamlessly paired together.

It is so easy for a construction site to not match a drawing perfectly—the walls may be out of square or plumb, or some unknown condition on site can easily knock apart the fine details of a blueprint. Unknown conditions can be especially pronounced in remodeling situations where it is anyone’s guess what kind of surprises are hiding behind the drywall awaiting discovery during demolition. These surprises make made-to-measure lighting a huge headache for architects and keep them on projects longer.

With Amerlux’s Grüv family of recessed LED lighting, now architects can have spec-grade materials and aesthetics at lower price points and without the hassle of made-to-measure.

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