Amerlux’s Gift Shines Light on ‘Never Built NY’

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Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today that it has donated $20,000 worth of a high-end LED track lighting solution, which is creating a lasting impression at the Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows, New York.

The unique “Never Built New York” display invites visitors to discover the alternative paths New York City might have taken based on original prints, drawings and models of architectural projects that were never realized.

To turn the exhibit into reality, however, Amerlux was asked to deliver a premium lighting solution that dramatically reduced energy consumption without sacrificing quality or performance.

“For more than 30 years, we have listened to problems throughout the marketplace and delivered solutions,” said Amerlux CEO Chuck Campagna. “From museums to high-end retail boutiques to supermarkets, Amerlux has continued to grow by creating products that address real-world needs. We are proud to deliver a striking experience at the Queens Museum.”

To create a world-class museum experience, Gensler, one of the world’s largest architecture firms that was part of several unrealized NYC projects included in the exhibit, asked Amerlux to help.

“In celebration of this inspiring exhibit, it was important for us to work with the right quality and balance of lighting,” said Bevin Savage Yamazaki, senior associate at Gensler. “We wanted visitors to experience these never-before-seen drawings and models from a new perspective.”

SPEQ LED track heads come in three sizes Small (15 w max, 1,310 lm), Medium (26 w max, 2,056 lm) and Large (48 w max, 3,977 lm).

Amerlux addressed the challenge by installing its new 48-watt SPEQ LED track heads, which feature a sleek, slim cylinder design with high beam control and use less than 10 percent of the energy consumed by the previous 500-watt quartz lamps.

Larissa Harris, who is curator for the Queens Museum, said Amerlux provided a great product that produced warm illumination and demanded less energy with ease of control. “Our new Amerlux LED track lights deliver lighting that allows visitors to pay attention in an extremely complex visual environment,” she said.

More Market-Responsive Lighting Solutions

In addition to the new SPEQ LED track lights, which were made for art galleries and museums, Amerlux offers other new products based on marketplace demand.

For example, the company’s recent exterior lighting solutions include:

  • Avista, which is the company’s pedestrian lighting product, is designed for a particular kind of fixture that mimics a traditional New England-style globe or “acorn.” The fixture is prevalent in the northeastern U.S. on campuses at universities, corporations, private communities and municipalities. Avista is available in new fixtures provided by Amerlux and as a retrofit of old light sources for many decorative fixtures in the marketplace. Its lumen output doesn’t begin to depreciate until after 50,000 hours of use and retrofit installations take less than 15 minutes per fixture. Avista’s breakthrough IP66 sealed LED Optical Chamber prevents water intrusion and extends its useful life. The upgraded product meets new 4.0 standards of the DesignLights Consortium (DLC), which qualifies the product for rebates to shorten the payback period.
  • Passo, which is the company’s revolutionary step light, offers a sealed LED Optical Chamber that eliminates water infiltration, which is the No. 1 cause of light failure. Its advanced LED core uses significantly less energy than traditional fluorescent lamps and it’s available in a choice of two output levels to tailor the desired illuminance for the project. Passo’s faceplates are available in a choice of solid color composite, brushed stainless steel or painted cast aluminum. In addition, the step lights include louver, stainless steel louver, tempered soft glow lens offered in round, square and rectangular shapes for new construction projects, as well as 8-inch and 12-inch rectangular shapes for retrofits. A standard 0-10v dimmable drive provides more integration options with controls.
  • The Chaperone Garage Luminaire is designed to easily replace ceiling-mounted garage fixtures as a complete solution that can be seamlessly integrated with many different control system options so retrofits can be made with no fuss at all. The luminaire is an ideal energy saver, replacing linear fluorescent, high-pressured sodium (HPS) and metal halide fixtures decreasing your cost of operations. Chaperone LED fixture features an “instant-on” capability, which means it works when you need it to work. Unlike rival light sources, such as (HPS) or metal halide lamps, Chaperone doesn’t require an extended restart time in the event of a momentary power loss. Control options include a line voltage occupancy sensor that provides direct lighting control with the 0-10v LED driver to control energy costs. The product meets DLC standards, which means it qualifies for rebates.

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Amerlux creates bold lighting solutions that add warmth and brilliance to the world. The design-and-manufacture company builds long-term relationships with architects, facility managers and lighting designers by taking every complex problem personally. Its award-winning portfolio includes innovative interior and exterior lighting products that deliver striking aesthetics and rich performance through advanced engineering. For more information, please visit or call 201.416.2284.

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