Amerlux Expands Linea Line With Adjustable Accents

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New Solutions Also Add Flush Mounts for Design Flexibility

OAKLAND, N.J. – December 17, 2019 –Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today the expansion of its linear lighting family with new solutions that will deliver more options for architects and lighting designers.

Streamlined and flexible, the Linea LED pendants provide the freedom to create dynamic spaces with aesthetics, performance and energy efficiency. The Linea 1.5 Direct Distribution with integrated adjustable accents offers cable-suspension or surface-direct installation, while the Linea 2.5 Direct with adjustable accents and the Linea 2.5 Direct/Indirect with integrated adjustable accents provide flush-mount or surface-mount options.

Pendant-mounted for spaces with or without ceilings, Linea provides linear run lengths for general lighting over desks and conference tables or individual standard lengths over a reception area. It provides warm and cool light in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K (industry standard) or 4000K.

“Like the rest of the product family, the new four Linea solutions deliver more design options to spaces that require elegance and beauty,” said Bill Plageman, who is Amerlux’s VP of Marketing. “They deliver the right amount of lighting with the best energy and maintenance savings for rapid ROI. Their lumen output does not begin to depreciate until after 50,000 hours of use, compared to 100 hours of use for fluorescent lamps.”

The new Linea 1.5Mini Indirect is part of a larger Linea product family:

Linea products, which come with a five-year warranty, offer such a long lifespan that maintenance costs are significantly reduced. In addition, the fixture is extremely energy efficient, providing power cost savings.

Standard Linea products can ship in 10 days or less from the time they are ordered to quickly advance any new construction or retrofit project.

More Amerlux Innovation

In addition to expanding the line of Linea, Amerlux has recently launched other innovative solutions to address several pain points.

Snap In-and-Out Lighting for Any Room

Amerlux’s Slots and Dots is an easily configurable track light system that creates visual ambience for high-end residential, hotels, restaurants and commercial space. The new lighting solution gives designers the ability to add visual elements, as well as the ability to move them at will.

Amerlux’s Slots and Dots offers clean, compact styling, which ensures it looks good in any environment. The one-inch-wide track features magnetic attachments, so light sources can be easily snapped in and out as needed. With this track system, it’s a cinch to change the lighting in a room between events. In fact, lighting elements within the track system can be moved without the need for an electrician.

The light attachments include accent track heads, a pendant accent and four different linear options, with lensed sources for ambient light and high-performance optics for direct light.

The four linear options include: Opal (glow), MicroPrism (general illumination), Comfort (light on target with minimal glare) and 30deg (directional light with 30-degree beam).

The track is available in variable lengths and field cuttable to fit any design or run length.

In addition, the track is offered in four different styles for more options:

  • Deep recessed track for flush mounting of linear lighting elements
  • Shallow recessed track for surface-mount appearance of lighting elements only
  • Deep Surface/Pendant track to visually see the track with linear lighting elements fully recessed
  • Surface Shallow track for use when linear lighting elements are desired to be seen

Speedy Installation for Contractors

Amerlux’s new Quick-Line Recessed 4″ Linear is an architectural-grade LED fixture that delivers on the promise of speed, low cost and high quality, while adding another design option. Sold in middle-of-run segments, Quick-Line is stocked on the shelf in standard lengths, standard color temperatures and standard lumens per watt, which allows the product to ship in as little as 72 hours.

Quick-Line Pendant 1.5″ offers an LED architectural-grade fixture that delivers on the same promise of speed, low cost and high quality. In fact, Amerlux’s engineering has essentially turned the installation process into an ad jingle: Link it, Latch it, Cap it. The pendant solution ships—in as little as 72 hours—with the lenses and LED boards installed with no need to remove in order to install.

The pendant solution offers a 1.5″ aperture, performance lens and an end cap light-block shield to prevent light leakage, which occurs when the lens shrinks and creates a gap between the end cap and lens.

Flexible Lighting for Evolving Supermarkets, Retail

Amerlux’s Cadence allows stores to easily change the location of the light source without the help of an electrician. In addition, the lighting system’s attachments snap in and out. As online competition and dollar stores capture more dry-goods business, supermarkets need a lighting solution that allows them to accommodate the shrinking aisles that will make way for more featured fresh food.

Cadence provides batwing aisle distribution, focused open-case distribution, general ambience distribution and a track lighting section that incorporates accent lighting to create heightened attention for high-margin products.

In addition, Cadence features a unique trunking system that is pre-wired with two circuits, as well as an emergency circuit—right out of the box. Installation is easy: Simply connect power to one end of the trunking system, add sections with quick connects and then add lighting modules.

Besides supermarket aisles, Cadence can exceed expectations for any open-style retailer. The innovative lighting solution moves, thanks to the trunking system, which allows stores to easily change their lighting to highlight fleeting specials or sales items.

For more information about the company, call Amerlux at 973.850.4342.



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