Amerlux Turns Ceilings into Canvas with Etch

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New Architectural Decorative Luminaire Gives Designers Reason to Look Up

Amerlux, an award-winning design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced today the launch of Etch, a 2’x2′ recessed panel designed to create dynamic lighting compositions across a ceiling.

Co-developed with world-renown architecture firm Gensler Associates, the new Etch ceiling panels present a clean aesthetic with evenly lit, premium LEDs, bathing open spaces with smooth, ambient light. The new lighting solutions delivers a sense of architectural style to an area, unlike traditional drop-ins that have the look and feel of commodity-grade products.

Later this month, Amerlux will provide special  demonstrations of Etch along with the rest of its new lineup of lighting solutions at LightFair 2019 (Booth #5837) in Philadelphia. The special demonstrations will be held during the conference across the street at Le Meridien Philadelphia, located at 1421 Arch Street.

“With Etch, the ceiling becomes a canvas for architects and lighting designers,” said Amerlux CEO and President Chuck Campagna. “Creating a balance of light, Etch’s three unique styles bring a sense of openness to a space or an artistic contrast with light and dark elements that invite creativity and puts everything in the best light.”

“Etch offers endless opportunities for designers to playfully customize and configure the ceiling plane and to provide multiple qualities of light,” said Mark Morton, principal and design director at Gensler, who served as product design consultant. “We are proud of our collaboration with Amerlux and to have helped inspire this uniquely versatile family of fixtures.”

Standard, unadorned 2’x2′ Etch panels deliver a sky-light. Each 2’x2′ regressed flat panel is offered in 23W, 31W or 39W with lumen outputs up to 4350. Etch is also available with an opaque beam element located off-center within the fixture, which creates bold patterns that transverse the entire ceiling. In addition, the beam element delivers accent or task lighting with the back panel fully lit or dimmed.

Etch is constructed with a metal frame, which houses an LED edge-lit panel with a center element. A wide range of performance perimeters are available through the choice of different models. An off-center extruded aluminum element, for example, adds contrast and a location for two accent downlights. (Amerlux provides options for many of its products; check out the short list.)

The custom-design, back-lit ambient panel is available in two color temperatures (3000K and 3500K), providing an outstanding color quality (83 CRI).

Etch’s standard integral electronic constant current 120V-to-277V driver offers zero-to-10V dimming capabilities.  Like most Amerlux products, it can pair with any controls, including the Luton Hi-Lume and DALI dimming controls.

All products in the Etch family offer rapid ROI so clients can recoup their investment quickly. The product’s long lifespan also significantly reduces maintenance costs. In addition, the LED fixture is extremely energy efficient, which drives savings through reduced energy costs.

Amerlux offers a five-year warranty on the product.

For more information about the company’s Etch ceiling panel, call Amerlux at 973.850.4342.

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